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Domain Registration


This is the first step of the website formation process, the domain name is a very important step for the continuity of your website. At I.T.S we help you find and register a domain that you can use as long as your website is running, we also offer monitoring of ...

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Mobile Applications


Users desire a mobile experience that transcends passive entertainment to include utility-based applications like mobile-optimized banking and travel planning. Your mobile is designed to surpass the laptop in so many ways. Any software of your choice can be made accessible through your mobile. Your mobile is not just an answering ...

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eBusiness Consultation


Whether you are planning to develop a business entrance or looking at a custom application, our team of experts, at I.T.S, can guide you through the setting of a strategic plan which ensures the success of your project. We provide you with high-impact approaching, guidance, and research so you can ...

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Interactive Flash


What distinguishes the Worldwide Web from newspapers, magazines, and other information sources is the participation and interactivity it allows the user. That is why multimedia is one main point a client needs to keep in mind in the process of purchasing his product. While PowerPoint is successful in creating and ...

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Web Hosting


Web hosting; that is the process of making your website accessible, is not something you can easily achieve. Web hosting services could be summed up as services that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data ...

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Email Marketing Software


We have successfully produced the email marketing industry’s most intelligent web based email marketing service to help any business, organization or membership group apply email marketing to their overall awareness efforts. What is Email Marketing? Email marketing is best defined at I.T.S . Email marketing is a means for individuals, ...

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Corporate Identity


Corporate identity design is defined as the process of building a brand image of a certain organization by promoting and communicating its corporate image through the use of its logo, business card, envelope, etc… The image of your business or firm in the minds of customers, investors, and even employees ...

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i.T.S provides Remarketing Service. Remarketing is the action taken on by companies to reintroduce a product or service to the market in response to declining sales. The company remarkets the product as something that has been improved to reignite interest and hopefully improve sales. Remarketing with Google Analytics lets you ...

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Are you visible on Google?  With more than 1 billion regular internet users around the globe, and at least 72,000,000 individual domain names in current usage, the World Wide Web relies heavily on search engines to direct traffic to the products and services web users are looking for. The leading ...

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Web Development


I.T.S offers a complete web development services in all the fields ranging from private and non-profit sectors to public sector, and including business, education, and economy. Web development has become more and more robust after developing into an industry. Websites are trying to promote their services and sell their brands ...

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