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Interactive Flash

What distinguishes the Worldwide Web from newspapers, magazines, and other information sources is the participation and interactivity it allows the user. That is why multimedia is one main point a client needs to keep in mind in the process of purchasing his product.
While PowerPoint is successful in creating and displaying visual aids, slides nowadays seem a bit inanimate and dull. PowerPoint is apparently too linear, not to mention the need for a computer and projection equipment.


Thus, there is nothing better than an interactive Flash presentation that would serve the aforementioned ends. Interactive flash is an art that engages the senses of the viewer.
Flash allows a quick and simple integration of text, narration, audio, video, and images that are organized and expressive. Interactive flash allows creativity to flow in your website. Amazing interaction can be juggled with beautiful illustrations to establish an image of ingenuity and modernity.

The content in a flash presentation comes to life and becomes an engaging and interactive user experience. This allows you to have the user’s full attention in a world where getting someone to listen to you is getting harder every day. That is why PowerPoint or paper proposals are just not enough anymore. You need to sell an experience, not just a product, and the best way to do this is through using Interactive Flash.

Interactive flash has become at the core of E-marketing. It has acquired an important role of brand integrating marketing. A simple and static website does not attract any visitors. In a nutshell, at I.T.S, we combine years of experience and mastery in order to create the best interactive digital experience.

Since flash is not supported by some devices, I.T.S has a solution that converts your flash into HTML 5 so it can be running on all devices perfectly.