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eBusiness Consultation

Whether you are planning to develop a business entrance or looking at a custom application, our team of experts, at I.T.S, can guide you through the setting of a strategic plan which ensures the success of your project.


We provide you with high-impact approaching, guidance, and research so you can finally take enlightened business decisions. Our consultants deliver actionable analysis and timely solutions that meet your specific needs.
Our project managers would meet up with clients on a regular basis in order to be fully aware of your business needs. Our team would design an inclusive plan that would meet and even surpass all your expectations simply by answering the following questions: What do you wish to accomplish? How to reach your destination?

Afterwards, s strategy is designed, developed, and implemented. This is all achieved by the help of our team members who have years of experience online, and more importantly, years of business experience. We work with you to develop scalable e-business solutions to realize the full potential of the internet.
Our e-Business Consulting and Implementation services include  the following:

  • Requirements analysis in which we determine the needs or conditions for a product, taking into account analyzing, documenting, validating and managing software or system requirements.
  • Comprehensive research of available technologies which allows you to further promote your business.
  • Software and systems recommendations which are tools that allow users to maneuver large information spaces by providing assistance in the form of recommendations; defined as pieces of information estimated to be relevant in the context of a given task. We also provide recommendations in highly technical contexts that involve analyses of structured data.
  • Implementation of Services which deals with the technical aspect or phase of your project.
  • Ongoing evaluation and support
  • Calculate return on investment and related financial analysis on online business
  • Analyze your customers e-commerce expectations
  • specify the best strategy for the e-commerce manufacture to your specific industry
  • Know your competitors and compete using the Web
  •  Define the steps you can take to make “E” business possible


After defining the nature of your business, and examine how the internet effects it, we can start implementing a strategic plan that would satisfy your needs. Our aim is to deliver wisdom and creativity to your enterprise.